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Adina moved to Tahoe at a young age for her love of the outdoors and to pursue her competitive snowboarding career. Her dedication and hard work paid off when she achieved remarkable success in both boardercross and halfpipe events, culminating in a remarkable 1st place finish at the national level.

While not adventuring in the great outdoors to support her active lifestyle, Adina utilized her athleticism and captivating "all-natural" beauty to carve a niche for herself as a headlining feature entertainer at clubs nationwide. Adina was turning heads at the strip clubs performing energetic striptease combined with a throwback to the classic burlesque style. 

During this time, Adina also immersed herself in various aspects of the adult entertainment industry, mastering the intricacies of legality, contracts, management, and marketing.

Tired of being on the road, Adina retired from competition and featuring.

After having a horrible experience being “bait & switched” while booking performers for her friend's bachelor party in Tahoe, Adina realized she could provide a superior service. 

With her passion for entertainment and business, she founded “Adina Winters Entertainment.” 

"Adina Winters Entertainment" quickly gained a reputation for excellence, attracting a loyal base of satisfied and repeat clients. 

Adina's mission is to empower the women on her team with a more conscious approach to entertainment with full embodiment to love what they do! 

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