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Tahoe Bachelor Plan Questions 

What is “bait and switch”

So you picked out Candy and Brandy on the website, and the person over the phone assured you that you would actually get the girl in the pics and even gave you a discount, so you're stoked! When the girls arrive, it's clearly not the girls in the picture... or maybe it was 20 years ago. Don't spend your hard-earned money on something you wouldn't even want for free! Some companies offer such steep discounts for a reason. If this ever happens to you, DO NOT PAY! And hopefully, you did not give them your credit card as a deposit. You have the right to refuse them at the door!

Here is a prime example:

Bachelor Parties in Tahoe - Best Strippers - Tahoe Bachelor Plan

How do they get away with it?

Usually, they rely on the fact that by the time they get there (if they show up at all) that you are too drunk to care and too late to book other entertainers. 

Here are some red flags:

  1. Companies that have many different websites and phone numbers or a 1-800 number. That is how these girls get business. Many people get ripped off only to get ripped off by the same people again!

  2. The company or girls are not based in the area. A company that is not based in the area simply can not know who they are sending out. These agencies have never met the entertainer in person, so how do they know what these girls really look like?

  3. Some agencies will say whatever it takes to get you to book the show. Once the girls show up, they don't know or care what you negotiated with the agency, which means you usually have to shell out more money!

  4. They offer a huge selection of over 20 girls and ask you for several backup choices.

It’s easy to do a reverse image search to see where the “entertainers” image came from. Typically agencies nationwide use the same stolen photos. 


Why should we book with you?

Since I personally work one on one with the girls I hire (unlike any other agency), I have the highest standards for the girls I bring onto my team. Not only do my girls have to be beautiful, but they must enjoy what they do truly! Nothing’s worse than a miserable stripper that rather be elsewhere! I will give you the honest, professional service you deserve; I don’t use misleading tactics to get you to book! 


Where can we see pics of the girls?

To respect the entertainer's privacy, I only send out their pics per request.


Do you offer “extras?”

We are STRICTLY ENTERTAINERS and DO NOT offer illegal services! DO NOT ASK!


My wife or girlfriend doesn't want me to get strippers. 

I understand how women can not handle the idea of a naked stripper dancing for their man. Though "what happens in Tahoe stays in Tahoe," it's all simply fun and games for the whole group. I’ve had plenty of women call and book the show for their men!


What else should we know about booking an entertainer in Tahoe?

Plan ahead! The further in advance, the better to ensure the date and time is available. Our schedules can get booked up quickly. Sometimes I can accommodate last-minute bookings, so please don't hesitate to call anytime before midnight.

For my own safety and in order to provide the best quality of customer service to you, I do not communicate entirely through text messages. I prefer that you call to inquire, and so I know you’re a real person! We may communicate any necessary information afterward through texting/email if that is the most convenient channel. 

Our busiest nights are Fridays and Saturdays. If you're going to be in town Sunday through Thursday, our schedules are pretty open. We love doing shows on our off nights.

To respect the VHR, if you have a larger group, I recommend booking on the early side of the evening so you don’t have any noise complaints. 

Moderation is a good thing. With so many activities, Tahoe is the perfect place for a bachelor party. A day on the lake or the slopes with the altitude can be exhausting. Make sure the guys are well-rested for a long night of partying and not passed out by the time I get there.

Even though we are there for your pleasure, it is extremely important that you treat us with respect. Our safety is the most critical factor. If we feel that the guest getting out of hand, then we reserve the right to stop the show immediately and leave without a refund. Besides, sometimes it's not all about the $$. If you are a cool group of guys, then we'll usually stick around a bit after the show.

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